Power Generation

EMaC provides solutions for power generation including Wind and Hydro Power.  With the complexity of energy producers equipment and the challenges they face, EMaC provides products to support these functions, including the Netcon 3000 and Netcon 500.

Wind Power

Wind power is a popular form of renewable energy. With energy demands ever increasing, Wind power farms are steadily increasing with the need for products to manage their complex nature.

Hydro Power

A hydro power generation system with numerous hydro power plants, dams and rivers is a complex system to manage for any energy provider. To reduce the complexity of these processes, EMaC has easy to use and fundamental products to support energy providers’ functions.

Solar Power

Electricity Utilities and Power Companies are seeing a large increase in the number of Photovoltaic (PV) installations both on their LV and MV networks. EMaC provide the FastNet RTU as a solution for the control, monitoring and management of remote Solar Farms.