Distribution Automation

Distribution automation products reach deep into the network to give you the detailed local intelligence that is crucial if you are to deliver a consistent and reliable supply and meet the expectations of electricity consumers. You can control the network and assets even beyond the transformer, at small switching stations. Our product range consists of retrofit motor actuators for ground/pad mounted switchgear, SCADA-ready high speed actuators for over-head load break switches and disconnectors and SCADA-ready remote switch RTUs.

Recording real-time data in the field and delivering it back to the control centre, our product range works in unearthed, solidly earthed and compensated networks and includes equipment for both overhead and ground-mounted assets. Devices are designed and tested to function reliably in extreme and harsh conditions. Thanks to ready-made configurations plus a user-friendly web based interface, installation is quick and easy.

Built-in firewalls and VPN tunnel encryption make data secure, whilst remote access control data improves safety by telling you whether people are in the premises or the doors are open. Application Manager software allows engineers to manage systems centrally, so that configuration changes and updates are simple and straightforward.

Our products are modular and customizable, integrating all necessary functions in a single compact module. Retrofit with older switchgear is straightforward, because we design all our equipment to be vendor independent. And sincewe use only stable technologies, there is no risk of products becoming outdated within their operational lifetime.