About Us


EMaC Energy Management Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is based on the Energy Management SCADA System solutions, substation automation, Power Management System Design and services which shall provide you to control your electricity network and energy supply reliability and sustainable Power Network. Embedded intelligence and accurate real-time information give you a clear view of what is happening in your network. Automated and remote management functions help you streamline operations and maximize utilization of network assets. Assured connectivity means you can trust our utility communications to be the backbone of your energy network automation system.



Our customer specific solutions provide the reliable energy management system for power utilities and users to operate intelligent energy networks and implement intelligent grids. Our focus is to maintain plant power reliability and operational safety.

Our solutions include: Power Management System (IEC 61850 – GOOSE based or conventional Redundant PLC Based), Energy SCADA systems for control centers, Protection system calculations and selectivity, RTUs, Circuit Breaker and Switch Controlling, Recloser and switching interlocks via communication based network solutions. All are designed for retrofit situations as well as for new installations, and all integrate perfectly with products from a wide range of other manufacturers.

Company Information

EMaC Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is an international company in the energy network automation industry. We are committed to understanding our customer’s needs to offer our customers excellent services and support and to provide them with unique industry-leading systems for utility supervisory and control, substation and distribution automation and long range, secure utility communication.

Our objective is to offer the best experience of secure connectivity and control of primary and secondary equipment in the energy utility networks and smart grids of today and tomorrow.  Our solutions are durable, flexible, interoperable, sustainable, safe and easy to connect to existing and new multi-vendor primary and secondary systems; put simply, they provide the best life-cycle experience of products in the industry.

Driven by our customer needs and our belief in energy quality, secure connectivity, we actively work to deliver continuous improvements to our products.  The EMaC and its contributor team consists of professional engineers and we spend a high percentage of our revenue on research and development.  The company is owned by its employees, giving us a shared commitment to our customers and our success.


Our customers include Oil and Gas Sector especially for Refineries, Electricity Producing Companies, Fertilizer Companies, Sugar Plants, Airports, Energy intensive industry plants such as Iron & Steel Companies and Municipals.