Electricity Distribution

EMaC has a comprehensive portfolio of products for the management of the electricity distribution network, spanning from the SCADA Master Station in the Dispatching Centre down to actuators in disconnector stations.

Dispatch Centre 

In the Dispatch Centre level, the most common SCADA system in the Nordic countries is Netcon 3000, with a customer base of over 120 network companies.

Primary Substations

For the monitoring and controlling of primary substations Netcontrol’s solutions are based on Netcon 500 gateway and RTU.

Secondary Substation Monitoring

By secondary substation monitoring using Netcon 100 or NMS 100 systems, the average length of outages can be significantly reduced.


Disconnector Stations

For disconnection stations Netcontrol provides multiple different pole mounted actuators which can be remotely controlled and help isolating faulty areas from other distribution network.